READ LOCAL! Minnesota Children’s and Young Adult Authors Coming to Morris

Minnesota childrenREad local’s and young adult authors Joanne Anderson Reisberg and Jerry Hines will be reading their books and doing activities at the Prairie Renaissance Cultural Alliance, 630 Atlantic Avenue, on November 22nd from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Reisberg will be reading Zachary Zormer Shape Transformer a children’s math book and What’s Behind the Mighty Fitz? a middle grade reader historical fiction book about the Edmund Fitzgerald. Hines will be reading Searching for Raven a young adult fantasy novel.

Reisberg and Hines are authors participating in the Read Local Program, which brings together Minnesota authors and finds venues for them to do programs for cities across the state. The Prairie Renaissance Cultural Alliance will be bringing twelve authors from across the state to Morris in the next six months as participants in the Read Local program. Read Local began in Marshall, MN at the Marshall Area Fine Arts Council and has expanded to the Prairie Renaissance Cultural Alliance with more venues coming in the future.

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Estar in el Prairie Exhibit and Reception


Estar in el Prairie: a community based photography project

Reception and artist talk

Where: PRCA art gallery – 360 Atlantic Avenue

When: 7:30pm, Thursday October 30th

Who: You! Everyone is welcome.

From 2000 to 2010, the Latino population in Steven’s County increased by 274%. As the demographics of rural Minnesota change, the futures of small towns will depend on how we welcome and adapt to newcomers. Immigrant communities often face language and cultural barriers; this project aims to address such challenges through storytelling.

A reception will be held on Thursday, October 30th to celebrate this project and to initiate further dialogue on our changing community. Participants and photographers will be present, and we welcome you to join us in a night of fun and community-building as we address questions of place, culture, and rural identity.

Estar in el Prairie: projecto fotográfico basado en la comunidad

Recepción y charla artística

Dónde: PRCA Galería de Arte en Morris-360 Atlantic Avenue

Cuándo: Jueves 30 de octubre a las 7:30 pm

Quién: ¡Ustedes! Todos están cordialmente invitados.

Del  año 2000 al 2010, la población Latina en el Condado de Stevens ha aumentado en un 274%.  Mientras el perfil demográfico cambia en  las  áreas rurales de Minnesota, el futuro de las ciudades pequeñas dependerá de cómo recibamos y nos adaptemos a los nuevos pobladores. Las comunidades inmigrantes constantemente enfrentan barreras culturales y de lenguaje; este proyecto tiene como objetivo abordar estos retos a través de una narrativa visual.

Un evento especial para celebrar este proyecto tendrá lugar el jueves 30 de octubre. Al mismo tiempo quisiéramos  tener un diálogo más profundo acerca de los cambios en una nuestra comunidad. Los participantes y fotógrafos del proyecto estarán presentes y  les damos la  bienvenida a todos para que nos acompañen en una noche amena y a ser partícipe en la construcción de nuestra comunidad mientras se responden  preguntas acerca de nuestro entorno,  cultura e  identidad rural.

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MN Express is Coming to Morris!

The Cedar’s MN Express Program Sends Minnesota Musicians on a Five-

City Ten Day Tour of the State In October

MN Express is a new program of The Cedar Cultural Center, a nonprofit performance
venue located in Minneapolis, Minnesota that will take five Minnesota artists on a one-
bus, five-city, ten-day tour around the state of Minnesota. The artists in the program’s
inaugural year are all former participants of The Cedar’s 416 Club Commissions Program
which is funded by the Jerome Foundation and designed to support the creation of new
works by Minnesota’s emerging artists. MN Express artists will build on their work
created for their 416 Club Commissions and use each other as collaborators and musical
support. The artists will perform scheduled, ticketed public concerts and impromptu
pop-up gigs in and around schools, town squares, and other public spaces in Minnesota
communities. This activity is made possible by the voters of Minnesota through a grant
from the Minnesota State Arts Board, thanks to a legislative appropriation from the arts
and culture heritage fund.

MN Express is modeled after the recently successful Africa Express in which 80 artists
from across the globe including Damon Albarn, Amadou & Mariam, and Babaa Maal toured
Britain by train, stopping in various communities to perform. Adrienne Dorn, The Cedar’s
Director of Development, sees MN Express as a way to expand The Cedar’s mission
beyond programming that takes place at The Cedar itself. “Because of the diversity of
the artists’ work and the intentional way we are engaging new audiences, MN Express
has the potential to be transformational for the artists and audiences alike and a great
step forward for The Cedar as we continue to fulfill our mission in new and exciting

The inaugural MN Express tour will feature new works by: vocalist/composer Aby Wolf,
Bassist/composer Nick Gaudette, song-writer/composer Kyle Sobczak, fiddler/composer
Sara Pajunen, and saxophonist/composer Nathan Hanson. The tour will run from
October 9th-19th with evening performances in Austin, Grand Rapids, Duluth, Morris,
and Northfield.

Grace Evenson, The Cedar’s Booking Assistant, sees MN Express as a chance for residents
outside the Twin Cities to be exposed to the collaborative spirit of past 416 Club
concerts. “The Cedar is ecstatic to present these five artists in a new context to
different communities around Minnesota. Each show will be a unique collaborative
performance, featuring elements of the individuals’ commissioned works as well as new
material created for the tour.”

Advance Tickets available for purchase at the PRCA!
For complete information on MN Express including artist and venue information:

The Artists:
Cedar MN Express- Aby Wolf

Some artists make a name for themselves by crowding others out of the
spotlight, but not ABY WOLF. For years, she has been equally interested in
both the spirit of musical collaboration AND fronting her own projects.
Minneapolis has provided her with no shortage of artists with which to
engage. Aside from being Dessa of Doomtree’s “secret weapon of harmony,”
Aby has worked with the likes of everyone from loop warlock Martin Dosh,
Sage Francis’ new signees No Bird Sing, chamber-folk sextet Dark Dark Dark,
veteran songwriter Adam Levy, jazz-pop trio The New Standards, and
Rhymesayers’ Brother Ali.
Cedar MN Express- Kyle Sobczak

KYLE SOBCZAK is a musician who moved from Milwaukee to Minneapolis in
2006. Since then he has been busy recording and producing albums for local
bands like The Teenage Moods and Buffalo Moon. He also played guitar and
wrote songs in Sleeping in the Aviary. Currently he is writing music and
performing with his band Rupert Angeleyes. It was his love of playing in
bands and touring around the country that inspired him to create a project
centered around the open road and the chance encounters of meeting new
Cedar MN Express- Nick Gaudette

Renegade bassist and composer NICK GAUDETTE has been playing and
performing in the Twin Cities area for over a quarter century. Homebrewed
and raised on the outskirts of Minneapolis, Nick began his studies of the bass
at the youthful age of 5. Studying classical and non-classical forms of music,
Nick completed a Bachelors and Masters Degree in performance from the
Cleveland Institute of Music where he studied under the great Max Dimoff,
principle bassist of the Cleveland Orchestra to whom he credits both
technique and sense of endless boundaries. Upon returning from Cleveland,
Nick formed The Orange Mighty Trio along with Zack Kline and Mike Vasich.
Cear MN Express- Sara Pajunen

Growing up on the Iron Range of Minnesota, SARA PAJUNEN left the piano
for the violin at the age of six due to restless legs/mind. After over twenty
years of classical violin study in Minneapolis, Taipei, and Helsinki, she again
became restless for exploration. These explorations, as of late, have
produced work connected to her Finnish heritage. An extremely versatile
violinist with a propensity for adventure in culture and sound, Sara performs
in many genres of music, including Nordic fiddle, Argentine tango, classical,
jazz and electronic. Curious and serious about music and sound as an
expression of the self and a vehicle for connection, she is constantly asking
questions through her work.
Cedar MN Express- Nathan Hanson

Soprano and tenor saxophonist NATHAN HANSON has performed in venues
from concert halls to prisons, churches to train stations, debutante balls to
Soviet fallout shelters in places ranging from St. Paul to Slovenia; Paris to
Pittsburgh; Milano to Milwaukee; and Rome (both Italy and Georgia). He is a
graduate of Newberry College, and the University of South Carolina.

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