Lisa Bergh Reception


Color, Line, & Space
Tuesday, June 6th 2017
7:30 pm to 10 pm
PRCA Gallery




Join us for complimentary wine and treats and enjoy the current exhibit.
Color, Line, & Space will be on display May 9 through June 17th.

About the artist:

Lisa Bergh earned her BFA in printmaking from the University of Arizona and MFA in spatial arts from San Jose State University. In addition to her studio practice, she is the Co-founder of The Traveling Museum, works as an advocate for the rural arts and culture movement, and serves as the Executive Director for the Hutchinson Center for the Arts in Hutchinson, MN. She resides in the small community of New London, MN with her husband, painter Andrew Nordin and their two children. You can view more of Lisa’s work at and learn more about The Traveling Museum at

Artist Statement:

Working on paper is central to my work, but I am not bound to the common or predictable scale and pictorial orientation. Small framed arrangements, large irregular shapes, or hung from the ceiling and presented as screens, I explore paper as both an object and a substrate.

I do not stick close to the center of either abstraction or representation, but instead hover and cross the dotted lines between them with regularity. I may draw on exercises in formal composition common in paint and gesture, but the result separates from the expected because the subject of this study is often found in the everyday. I marry these everyday objects with formal language but the beauty, or even just insistence, of the daily thing wins out.

For PRCA I have presented an arrangement of explorations into my continuing interest in line as both a 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional device. “Weft” was installed with the intention of activating the gallery space as a sort of substrate, encouraging viewers to move thru the drawing plane and experience varying perspectives of the piece.

“Lineation” is an experiment in bringing the idea of Line or Mark Making into the present tense. Not set behind glass in a frame, the Hot Pink line is a nod to figuration and gentle flirtation by moving onto the gallery floor, into the viewer’s space. “Diptychs” are quick studies of gesture and line inspired by a personal snap shot of my child’s kite ribbon – shifting the tradition of reading 2d works from left to right to a planar view or from the top to the bottom.