Bird Beauty: Photos by Van Gooch


Artist Statement:
Van Gooch

We all have an instinctual love of nature. The intricacies, color and behavior of living organisms help ground us from our everyday human problems. In photography I enjoy showing you some of the beauty in nature that I see. And sometimes the photograph surprises me!

Technical: All of these photos were taken using a Canon Powershot SX40 HS 35 X zoom camera. I often use the small CHDK programmable computer of Powershots. I program the camera to do motion sensing as well as controlling focus, flash, aperture, etc. In this way I can set up the camera on a tripod aimed where I expect a bird to alight and pray for a good picture. My photography also involves much patience and many, many pictures. I attend, and you can too, the Evansville Photoclub, which meets the first Thursday of every month at the Evansville Art Center (111 Main St).

Biography: I gained my love for nature and biology while growing up in the East Bay Area of California. I obtained my PhD in Biophysics at UC Berkeley where I also met my lovely wife, Sue. I taught and did research in Biology at the U of M Morris for 35 years. I quickly grew to love the wide-open spaces of rural MN. We ultimately retired in 2010 to our zero energy home 12 miles southwest of Alexandria MN.
(All photos taken at my home on Lake Rachel near Holmes City, unless otherwise noted)

For inquiries, contact:
Van Gooch
320-283 5222